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Our varietal oils are sourced from the top olive producing countries around the World. Our extra virgin olive oils are independently tested on a regular basis to ensure that the product you receive is certified extra virgin.

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Arbequina Olive Oil
The Arbequina olive is one of the most generous producers of oil, so it's used in many olive oil blends. By itself, the nose of our Arbequina olive oil has a fresh, mild banana scent leading to an upfront buttery flavor with a hint of ripe banana and a mild pepper finish. This cold pressed olive oil is unfiltered and naturally settled. Less than 0.4% acidity. Our Arbosana EVOO (0.18%) is from California. This oil has a mild to medium body with a nutty and fruit forward flavor. It has slight notes of green tomato and almond and has a subtle touch of pepper on the finish. We have completed our own independent chemical analysis for both quality and purity which can be requested at info@urbanoliveoils.com.